Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Specter Literary Magazine #10 (The Hip-Hop Issue)

painting by Matthew Curry
copyright 2012

For those who think that Hip-Hop is only about music and style, the editors of the cool online literary journal Specter have a treat for you. With their newest issue, guest edited by writer and teacher Rion Amilcar Scott, Specter attempts to take Hip-Hop Lit to another level. Overflowing with beautiful writing, art and photography, inside you'll find a novel excerpt by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, poetry by Charlie Braxton, a short story/novel excerpt by me and loads of other textual treats. The wild styled cover art, as shown above, was painted by Matthew Curry, is a masterpiece that should make artists like Lee, Fab Five Freddy and the spirit of Dondi quite proud.

Although folks usually think "Hip-Hop Lit" is all about blood, bullets and broads, the editors of Specter, like KRS-One once rapped, "...think very deeply." Indeed, these young innovators offer a brilliant sampling of cutting edge writing and images that will will elevate your mind and make you happy. If the Rza and Roxanne Shante had a baby, it would be the Specter Hip-Hop Issue. Peace...

Specter Literary Journal #10: http://www.spectermagazine.com

Of Breakbeats and B-Boys by Michael A. Gonzales: http://www.spectermagazine.com/ten/breakbeats

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