Monday, September 10, 2012

Crime Factory #11

The new issue of Crime Factory (#11) features my short story "The Death of Newark." As a fan of all things pulp, I've been a fan of Crime Factory for years and am quite proud to be included in the latest edition. Inspired, as always, by the collected works of Chester Himes, Donald Goines and David Goodis, "The Death of Newark" tells the tale of one family's struggle (drugs, rape, murder) in Brick City. In addition, the story also examines the infamous Newark Riots of 1967, which lasted for six days and damn near destroyed the city.

This issue of Crime Factory also features interviews with Road To Perdition writer MAX ALLAN COLLINS, comics-superstar JIMMY PALMIOTTI, PAUL BISHOP, MEL ODOM & ERIC BEETNER discussing boxing pulp novels; JOHN HARRISON on his Hip-Pocket Sleaze.

Fiction by JONATHAN WOODS, MATTHEW C. FUNK, MICHAEL BRACKEN, ROBIN JAROSSI, JOHN KENYON and NIGEL BIRD. Plus, true crime reportage from TOM DARIN LINSKEY; BRENT ALLARD talking Le Samourai and NERD OF NOIR making your evening viewing plans, and much, much more.

It’s here, ready for you in a handsome Kindle edition.

For those on a budget, you can get it free right here, Daddio.

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most excellent!

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