Monday, July 23, 2012

Five Quarterly

In 2012, it seems like a few newbies in the literary world are, as Annie Lennox once suggested, doing it for themselves. Tired of trying to get past the pearly gates of the Paris Review, Art Forum and their ilk, these smart kids have decided to start there own thang online. While I would never have the energy or patience to maintain a website, I have no problem contributing to the cause.

Earlier this month, I published a short story in the hip-hop issue of Specter (see an earlier post) and my fam at the lavish arts journal HYCIDE have been making it happen with their cutting- edge visual/textual aesthetic since last year. Indeed, the work that editors Akintola Hanif, Fayemi Shakur and Carrie Stetler put into each issue of HYCIDE is amazing.

Last week co-editors Vanessa Gabb and Crissy Van Meter launched a new online literary journal called Five Quarterly. Having accepted my newest crack-related short story "Losing Heaven," I was thrilled when I finally saw their final product. Simple, classic and brilliant. Even their logo is cool. Below, you can read in their own words their reason for starting the magazine, which I think is a welcome addition to the DIY revolution raging online.

On Five Quarterly

Five Quarterly is an online literary project that facilitates an innovative and constantly changing dialogue between different kinds of readers and writers. We have created an opportunity for a wide spectrum of individuals to submit to, as well as assist in choosing the works for, our issues. Each quarter, poetry and prose are submitted by various writers. Five poems and five pieces of fiction are ultimately chosen for online publication with the help of a similarly diverse committee of five new guest editors, announced at the start of each reading cycle. We hope this project will yield a multitude of literary voices, diversify the face of publishing, and encourage a creative learning experience.

Five new poems. Five new stories. Five new editors.

Vanessa Gabb and Crissy Van Meter

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