Friday, July 12, 2013

Action Jackson (1988)

While preparing to write a follow-up to my Black Pulp (Pro Se Press, 2013) short story "Jaguar and the Jungleland Boogie," I've been watching a bunch of pulp fiction flicks I'd never seen before. How I missed the b-movie gem when it came out in my favorite year, 1988, I don't know, but twenty-five years later this movie made my day. While Vanity played the finest junkie ever depicted on screen, shooting-up H with her pretty silver syringes, Carl Weathers played the title character, a Detroit cop who, like James Brown's poppa, don't take no mess from villain Craig T. Nelson. In addition, burly Bill Duke played the cliched grumpy police captain to perfection. Of course, this movie is filled with bad one-liners, tacky wardrobe choices and bad acting, but any joint that ends with the good guy driving his car through the front door of the bad guy's house and up the stairs to the master bedroom is all right with me.

Excerpt on Jaguar and the Jungleland Boogie


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