Monday, June 08, 2009

Sade Interview...

With the possible exception of all those D’Angelo devotees standing on the bank of the James River, the millions of Sade fans across the globe ahave got to be the most patient souls on the planet. Way back when her last album, Lovers Rock, hit stores in November of 2000, Elian Gonzalez had recently been shipped back to Cuba, George W. Bush had just stolen the election from Al Gore, and Almost Famous was flickering on the silver screen.

For the past week, there has been much chatter on the internets about a new Sade album dropping this year while the YouTube clip of her harrowing song “Mum,” recorded for the 2004 DVD Voices For Darfur, is always in heavy rotation. While hanging out with my homeboys Brook and Molaundo a few days ago, we started sharing anecdotes about shows we had seen (my only experience being the “Love Deluxe Tour” at Radio City Music Hall), our favorite videos and, inevitably, we got down to the real question: when was the real queen of royal badness going to bless us with some new music?

Unlike her other admirers, I know personally that there is no rushing Sade. Having turned fifty this past January, this golden lady has always taken her time. “I’m harder on myself than anyone else,” Sade once told me. It was the fall of 1992, a few months before Love Deluxe was set to drop—with classics like “Cherish The Day” and “No Ordinary Love”—and I had been hire to write her bio. “Sometimes it comes easily, other times it’s more difficult,” she explained. “One of the reasons I take a long time cutting tracks is fear, because one can’t change anything once the record has been released.”


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Blogger Molaundo said...

I know I'm late, but greetings from Santo Domingo, Mike. I'll definitely be following your blog.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Jarvadu said...

Nice to meet another Sade fan.
Stop by and check out
Sade Fans International at:
Recruiting soldiers of love....
Peace Out...

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