Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Blogging @ Bunnie

When Bunnies editor Katarina de Montfort announced that the second issue was to be dedicated to voyeurism, I immediately thought of one of my favorite Hitchcock movies Rear Window. Simply put, the classic noir flick explores the many things one can witness when staring out of the window into our neighbors apartments. From the beauty of an attractive woman dancing to the creative struggles of a young musician to the darkness of murder, one almost never knows what to expect when staring across the way.

As a native New Yorker raised in an apartment building where our view was another building, I grew-up peeping into folk's windows. One true live story that comes to mind was a pair of sisters whose bedroom window was directly opposite my own. A hundred feet away, if that much, baby brother and I started sneaking peeks at the sisters quite by accident. Not yet in our teens, our hormones must have started peculating young. After a while, it became a regular routine for us to reckless eyeball as the young Dominican girls argued, quietly read or (please, please, please) got undressed after school...



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