Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Erotic Imagination #1

In addition to articles and essays on pop culture, I've also published a good amount of erotic fiction in various collections. Last week, when I received an acceptance for a new short story, I started thinking about my own "erotic imagination" as well as the countless writers, filmmakers, comic book artists and still images that helped shape it.

While I've already written an essay about discovering
Playboy magazine when I was a kid, I've never mentioned the FIRST true loves of my life, the wonderful women who were the "Jet Beauty of the Week." Besides the "Soul Brothers Top 20" music chart in the back of the magazine, the centerfold was my favorite part.

Indeed, how could I forget the time when I was about nine and I asked my grandmother if I could have her back issues of
Jet. "What are you going to do with them?" she asked. Without missing a beat, I blurted, "I want to put the pictures on my wall." Knowing exactly what pictures I was referring to, grandma laughed for ten minutes and gave me the magazines.

A few decades later, whenever I sit down to write an erotica story, the Beauties are still inspiring me. Thank you, ladies...

Before Players
Before King
Before Smooth

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Blogger Mark Skillz said...

Oh you's a funny dude. Okay, okay check this out, Jet Magazine 1978 the model on the cover in the santa hat and bikini was the first to capture my "erotic imagination". Later, as a teenager, I would cut those pics out of the mag and put them on the wall. Within months the wall was covered!

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